We believe that great wines can only be made from great vineyards. This belief guides our decisions when choosing to work with any vineyard. For every vineyard we work with, there are 20 other vineyards that didn’t make the grade. Location, soil, exposition, dedicated growers, plant material and sustainability are all important factors that affect our decision.

Once the vineyards are sourced, it is our job to maintain the health of the vines in a balanced and sustainable fashion. We believe that farming in balance with nature is the only way to allow the grapes to express themselves properly. Sustainable farming practices are key; vine-by-vine farming is essential, and a less-is-more approach to irrigation, soil amendments and applications empower the vines to exist on their own rather than through our engagement.

Our goal with the vineyards we have chosen to work with is simple. Harvest healthy grapes that are ripe, with balanced acids and sugars, which require no additions from us in the winery.

Our commitment to these vineyards is to learn from them every year, to make improvements in how we handle the fruit in order for it to express its uniqueness, and most importantly how we handle the growing vines, year after year, to enable them to do just that.

Our Sources


Griffins Lair Vineyard

Sonoma Coast – Syrah
Vintages 2000 – 2018

Coarse alluvial soils composed of sand and gravel sit atop dense Adobe Clay. Situated on a south-west facing hillside with a clear view to the San Pablo Bay, this wind buffeted slope generates tiny berried Syrah clusters that dictate the character of the wine produced from this site — savory, intense and rustic. We have worked with this block of grapes since the 2002 harvest.


Castelli-Knight Ranch

Russian River Valley – Syrah – Grenache
Vintages 2000 – 2018

Dramatic bright orange, rock-filled, Haire Clay-covered slopes give the wine produced from this site a distinct density and power. The north- to northeast-facing slopes provide cool to this otherwise warm location and heady aromas of incense and pepper to the wine. We have farmed and taken all of this fruit since 2001.


Photo courtesy of Alder Springs Vineyard

Alder Springs Vineyard

Mendocino County – Syrah – Grenache
Vintages 2000 – 2018

Steep decomposed sandstone gradients, high elevation and a long cool growing season define the flavors of the wines produced from this incomparable site. Multiple vine blocks are delineated based on the natural contours and expositions of this spectacular hillside. Each of these blocks have their own uniqueness that we intend to explore and share with you. We have had the pleasure of working w/ this incredible site since the 2000 harvest.

Testa Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Leigh-Anne Beverley

Testa Vineyard

Mendocino – Carignan
Vintages 2015-2017

Historic Testa Vineyard is located outside of Calpella in Mendocino County. The vineyard was planted in 1912 by Gaetano and Maria Testa on a slight rise that is covered in deep Yakayo Series sandy-loam soil. Derived from sedimentary rock this is some of the fluffiest and lightest soils I’ve seen. Dry-farmed and organic, the property is looked after and farmed by 4th generation, great granddaughter Maria and her husband Rusty.


James Berry Vineyard

Paso Robles – Grenache+
Vintages 2010 – 2012

The reasons we travel so far for these grapes chalky-white, limestone-rich rolling hills, an eye for detail and perhaps the luckiest location for grape growing in Central California. Heralded by many, this exceptional site ripens Grenache fully while retaining the natural acidity needed to make great wine. We have been lucky enough to get grapes from this coveted site since the 2007 harvest.